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Pop-up Restaurant in Eugene!

Have you heard of the notion of pop-up restaurants? They're happening everywhere and go by many names. I think my favorite is "guerrilla dining" but you can also find out about them by looking for pop-up supper clubs.

Think of them as impromptu supper clubs that sprout up and showcase a chef, cooking style, restaurant or even a culinary school by throwing an invitation only, usually artisan, dinner. It's held at a different place each time and you can count on the food being above average, maybe even edgy, and just what the gastronaut in the family wants! This is a place to experiment and enjoy the ride.

Food and Drink Provocateurs did the first of it's kind in Eugene last Saturday and I was lucky enough to be invited. As you can probably see by the picture, it was held in a private home where we perched above the world and were treated to Chef Rosa Mariotti's incredible Italian feast. A special thanks to our hosts and a shout out to Wine Julia for choosing Territorial's 2012 pinot noir to accompany the meal and to Rokz Cocktail Effects for providing the sparkle that tempted us by sitting on only half the rim of the glasses and cups. I can't wait to use these at my next party! 

Bone Marrow Butter and a variety of Bread
We started with an off-the-menu surprise; bread and bone marrow butter. Such a rich taste and perfect with the Prosecco Punch on the Rokz.

Parmigiano fondete pocket and Corzetti sweet wine pasta
with Polceverasca sauce
The rest of the story is best enjoyed by looking at the pictures -- I can provide some commentary -- and dreaming.

Pork loin rosa di parma, stuffed pears and three bites for dessert; Rokz affogato
Cocoa nib spoon, tiramisu mousse, Cappucino panna cotta, hazelnut crunch

As the Solstice Dinner wound down, the scenery was even more breath-taking.


  1. Thank you so much Ghio, we loved having you there..and never expected anything but an email for feedback. This is absolutely wonderful!

    1. I know you didn't ask for anything in return, but I blog -- 'nuff said? Thanks for a lovely evening, a delicious and inspiring meal, and the introduction to new people and new products. You guys hit this one out of the park!